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مُساهمةموضوع: Writing   الجمعة 18 أبريل - 13:23


When it comes to writing,you are expected to:

  • use adequate and relevant content.
  • use the appropriate text structure according to the conventions of the targeted genre;
  • use cohesive devices;
  • use mechanics(spelling,punctuation,capitalization)
  • use variety of sentence structures:simple,complex sentences,active and passive voice when necessary,parallelism,etc;

You will be asked to write :

  • formal/informal letter;
  • emails;
  • reports on projects or action plans of projects;
  • film review;
  • narrative,descriptive,expository,and argumentative texts.

Here are some samples

Writing From Pictures
Writing formal letter +Exercise
Cause and effect(racism)
Cause and effect(brain drain)
Moroccan Youth And related topics

An international ecological conference is to be held in your city to debate the issue of global warming.
Write a letter to the president of this conference,stating the threats of global warming and suggesting practical and effective solutions.
Developping sense of humor
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